Küstengold is a premium own brand of the Bünting Group. The brand’s range covers around 350 food products that are available to buy in all 13 Bünting Group markets, from trading partners and in the online stop myTime.de.


Küstengold offers a standard range of outstanding quality products at a fair price. This makes Küstengold a real alternative to expensive branded products. The range covers every part of the food sector, providing customers with all they need for a complete everyday shop.

Top quality, guaranteed freshness and superb flavour at fair prices are the hallmarks of Küstengold products. The leading branded producer in each individual product segment acts as a yardstick for the company. The fish range is based on sustainable ASC or MSC certified fish that also meet criteria such as protection of resources, fishing areas and traceability. This seal is part of the long-term sustainability strategy and corporate philosophy of the Bünting Group.

Values such as trust, regional loyalty and reliability are a top priority for Küstengold – and for the people of the region.