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    The secret of the Bünting Group's success? Business acumen plus a philosophy of dynamic development that have steadily driven Bünting forward.

    Traditions, values and virtues are nurtured at Bünting – and yet here we are always open to what the future might brings and what people need. This means that the company is always able to open up new business fields and launch new developments. For over 200 years, progress and growth have been happening in Brunnenstrasse, Leer (North Germany), in harmony with the region. Or as the company's founder Johann Bünting, said: "If you want to win, take a risk for the future“.

    From a colonial goods store in Leer to a trading group active throughout Germany – learn more about the history of the Bünting Group.



    The success of the Bünting Group is based on the values and virtues of its North German homeland: reliability, continuity and responsibility.

    The foundation for a healthy, well functioning company is a commitment to shared values. They reflect the company's relationships with its workforce, its customers and its business partners. We have defined these clear values and anchors for the Bünting Group and committed ourselves to aligning our company by these.

    We developed our "Values and Anchors" in consultation with our workforce. Firstly, they are the direct result of our history and secondly, they pick up on a number of fundamental social requirements. This creates a clear guideline for all our actions.

    • Independence: We make decisions on our own responsibility
    • Stability and history: Our actions are reliable and rooted in the region
    • Humanity and consistently fair treatment of each other: We appreciate, respect and help each other
    • Securing the future and promoting development:We think ahead
    • Responsibility: We pay attention
    • Family firm: We operate on a secure footing


    The Bünting Group is one of the largest employers and most important training companies in the whole of Northwest Germany.

    The companies within the Bünting Group employ around 13,000 people. The majority of the workforce is employed in the wholesale and retail divisions plus e-commerce, followed by the service companies for the stores, the holding company and the tea trading company.

    Day after day, the work of every one of our employees contributes to the success of the Bünting Group. We sincerely appreciate this. Our aim is therefore to express this appreciation in a lasting, reliable partnership with our employees. In addition, we foster a goal-oriented, people-based management style, which we are constantly further developing through personnel management. We are continuously improving the training of our employees at all hierarchical levels to be able to cope with today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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    The Bünting Group operates throughout Germany from its headquarters in Leer and the new administration building in Nortmoor, and also from Oldenburg, Salzkotten and Wallenhorst.


    The holding company J. Bünting Beteiligungs AG is responsible for the strategic focus and central management of all the Bünting subsidiaries. These include a tea trading company, six sales subsidiaries, two service companies, a foundation and a tea museum.